Initial ‘scoping’ survey

Initial ‘scoping’ survey

Scoping surveys are carried out to identify ecological features which could become issues or need to be addressed before any development can begin. A survey could identify the presence of valuable habitats, or even protected or invasive species. A scoping survey could also identify any ecological features that could be excluded from an assessment.


‘Ecological features’ is a grouping phrase used to describe habitats, species, and ecosystems. 


Why are scoping surveys needed?


Scoping surveys can act as valuable insight. They can provide information and data which inform buying decisions and other big decisions. They can be both highly detailed and brief assessments depending on the situation and site.

Scoping surveys are most applicable on large sites, where a range of species and habitats are likely to be present.


What is the outcome of a scoping survey?


Scoping surveys set out whether further assessments are required. The results of a survey will help to understand the further costs, timings, and level of surveys that are required. For example, in which areas further surveys must be carried out.


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