Habitats and Botanical

Habitats and Botanical

Apex Ecology offers a comprehensive range of ecological services. We provide expertise in habitat assessment, botanical surveys, and habitat management. In addition to conducting Phase 1 surveys, which are widely recognised as the standard for mapping and assessing large areas of habitat. We provide an array of other services to cater to diverse ecological needs.

Our team of ecologists is trained and experienced in utilising the UKHabs methodology. This enables us to deliver accurate and reliable surveys and mapping of semi-natural habitats based on the National Vegetation Classification (NVC). This information is vital for understanding and conserving our rich biodiversity. We also undertake surveys and monitoring of plant communities, including rare plants and habitats. Including aquatic plants, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of the ecological landscape.


Habitat Condition Assessments


At Apex Ecology, we place great emphasis on evaluating and preserving habitat conditions. Our experts excel in habitat condition assessment, meaning we are able to identify areas that require conservation efforts or habitat restoration. We assess habitats against national and local designation and conservation criteria, ensuring that ecological value and regulatory requirements are met.


Hedgerow Assessments


Hedgerows in our ecosystems, and we provide assessments of hedgerows in accordance with the Hedgerow Regulations 1997, using the DEFRA Hedgerow Survey Handbook approach. Through these assessments, we provide valuable insights into hedgerow management and contribute to their long-term conservation.


BREEAM Assessments


Our services extend beyond assessments to include habitat mapping and evaluation for Biodiversity Net Gain Metric Calculations and BREEAM assessment. With a focus on sustainability, we help clients understand and enhance the biodiversity value of their projects. Places an emphasis on promoting environmentally responsible development.


Habitat Management Plans


Habitat management is crucial for preserving and improving ecosystems. Apex Ecology prepares habitat management plans tailored to specific habitats and provides advice on their effective management and conservation. Our experts collaborate with clients to develop strategies that promote habitat health and sustainability.


Habitat Translocation


When it comes to habitat translocation and creation, our team offers design and on-site supervision services. We ensure that habitat translocations and creations are carried out meticulously, following best practices to mitigate potential disruptions to the ecological balance.


INNS Plants Surveying and Managing


Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) plants significantly threaten native ecosystems. At Apex Ecology, we specialise in surveying and managing INNS plants. Including notorious species such as Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, giant hogweed, New Zealand pygmyweed, and water fern. Our expertise in this area allows us to effectively address these invasive species and minimise their impact on native biodiversity.


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